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If you own content that someone has posted and you would like it taken down you must provide the following:

  1. A link to the post.
  2. Proof that you own the content.
  3. A reason for removal.
  4. A message to be sent to the person that posted the content.

TheFur.Link follows a 3-strike system. Upon gaining a 3rd strike your account will be disabled and you will have a chance to Email an administrator about the matter. You as a user CAN contest strikes. However, only within 10 days of receiving the strike.

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  1. Hate speech.
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Other content NOT permitted:

  1. Other peoples work unless properly cited with a link to the original creator and the name of the original creator. (If you have done this you will not receive a strike should a take-down request be submitted to us.)

Claiming content is yours when it is not: This is Stealing and Plagiarism. Should we receive a take-down request and discover that you have done this you will receive a DOUBLE strike. This cannot be contested.